Razor Blade Dolls
Razor Blade Dolls 2012

I had weird dream I stole Chris Smiths from the Razor Blade Dolls car, it was a black Lincoln Continental with dark purple pin-striping. I was driving flat out through the desert, a stupid pop song was on, I think it was that Katy Perry.  Anyway I reached under the seat and found a bottle of wild turkey was pretty pleased then my phone rang, I almost wrecked the car it startled me so.

Mike Terror
Mike Terror

I tried to answer the phone but it was sliding down my left leg. I turned the radio off and called Mike Terror back he said Ador sup? I said I don’t know whatup? He said hurry the hell up and get over here we are ready, I asked him what are you ready for but my phone went dead.

I looked out the window and there were gold bulls running along side of the car. I looked behind me and the moon was a pitcher and water was flowing down from the sky like a white waterfall spilling all over the ground.

I laid the phone down on the seat next to me. I started hearing weird noises, it did not sound like the car. The phone rang again and it was Bradley from Chant Project. Ador where are you?! He sounded alarmed and I said IDK somewhere in the desert and I need a smoke. He said why did you kidnap Chris? Now I was really freaking out because I didn’t know what he was talking about. Then the radio came back on all by itself and it was a Mike Terror song “Invasion” and suddenly I could see a light up ahead it looked like a motel.

Ador and Bradley from BPC
Ador and Bradley BPC

The sun was starting to break and I was feeling a little bit warm. I pulled down the visor and a pack of Marlboro Reds & a key fell down into my lap. I was happy about that but only for a second.

I lit a smoke and I could see the motel sign up ahead it read Motel Terror.

I pulled in and got out of the car and the neon motel sign was buzzing and popping. Out of nowhere I heard a loud bang, then a plonk, plonk, plonk. I walked back to the trunk of the car and the lid popped up. I jumped back, and Chris pushed the trunk open and stepped out, then all of the Razor Blade Dolls started coming out of the trunk! They looked pissed off but they always look that way sorta. And then this woman popped up who looked like my 5th grade English teacher who was very, very hot and said Charming Ador have you the Key? They always talk like that. In reverse.

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I Had Weird Dream I Stole Chris Smiths Car
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