Bozo Porno Circus will perform live at Fitzgerald’s Bar & Live Music in San Antonio Texas December 12, 2014

Also performing will be The Akuzma, Torque Order, Vela Virgo! ONLY $5 now, $15 at door.

Bozo Porno Circus will perform live ticketsBozo Porno Circus features the most exciting musicians and performers in Texas. The Hell Katz and The EBM Dollz will be creating the scenes and dreams that will make you scream!

BPC will also welcome on guitar Mike BBQ from our friends Dethkulter BBQ and on Bass Guitar Eddie Travis from The Freakouts! Eddie and Mike are great musicians who have played in many notable bands and we are glad to have them join us.

So the stage is set for a magical night and your presence will make it complete!

Get $5. advance tickets from one of our performers, find them on their links and social media

Fitzgerald’s Bar & Live Music Venue
437 McCarty Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216

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BPC Live Performance December 12, 2014 Fitzgeralds SATX
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