Bozo Porno Circus Biography

Founded in 1991 by Ador Charming & Ken Gerhard

BoZo PoRno CiRcusAfter seven years of outlandish local performances, Bozo Porno Circus (BPC) broke onto the scene in 1998 with an award winning self produced CD entitled ~Cybersmut and a no holds barred live show featuring the PornStarzz- sexy fetish performers who bring the sinister themes of BPC’s music to life. Dark and disturbing, ~Cybersmut portrays a menacing world, a cesspool of sex and violence set to a thunderous robotic dance-beat, slashing guitars and layers and layers of heart-pounding programming. BPC won the coveted “BEST INDUSTRIAL” title from both Houston newspapers that year, including a nomination for ALBUM OF THE YEAR for its “rock solid programming”.
~Cybersmut was sent to college radio, dance clubs, DJ’s and scenesters everywhere opening the door for shows across the country. The CD was serviced to Pittsburgh’s BPM record pool, whose DJ’s charted the bands remake of the Donna Summer disco classic “Hot Stuff”. Another track “Skintaster” was selected for the Delinquent Records Compilation The Pink & the Black. BPC performed numerous thematic shows between 1999-2001, shows like “The Karnival of Sin”, “Malice in Slumberland” and “Videodrome,” leaving an indelible mark on their audiences. This earned the band repeat shows in markets like Chicago, Boston, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Miami and back-to-back performances at the prestigious NXNW Toronto Music festival and gained BPC a huge following. BPC now had a foothold in Canada, where they have toured 3 times since, performing in Montreal, Toronto and Oshawa. Word was spreading about the sexy boys in the band who wore makeup and leather, and the PornStarzz, the girls with power tools grinding metal and breathing fire. A BoZo show was more than a show – it was an event!
Realizing their roots in nightclubs and their dance appeal, BPC records a 12-INCH record entitled Monsters are Real The mixes are basically raw tracks with no vocals, just a ferocious sample of the chorus from the yet to be released album version. But DJs fall in love with the sci-fi sound and the dancey 182 BPM extended version. “Monsters are Real” is serviced to 7 record pools and earns “pick-hit” status on Flamingo Record Promotions dance chart and charts for 24 weeks, while reaching #16 on MASSPOOL’S national dance chart. Pittsburgh’s BPM record pool also charts “Monsters are Real” for 16 weeks. In the meantime, BPC headlines events such as the Vampire Ball and FleshFest, and is asked to open shows for national acts like Motley Crue, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, The Genitorturers, Pigface and ohGr of Skinny Puppy.
With their 12 INCH record “Monsters are Real” on the charts, BPC was stretching the limits of decency across two countries. This success, coupled with controversy over their shocking and overtly sexual videos appearing on the local access cable television station, landed them on the CBS local news in Houston. All this brings the band to the attention of Martin Atkins, industrial music icon and founder of Invisible Records, who signs BPC and ToneZone Records to his new label Underground Inc. gaining them their first major distribution deal in conjunction with Caroline Records. As well as appearing on the new “Notes From Thee Real Underground” compilation, they have just released in 2002 their follow-up album Regenerate.
Powerful and relentless in its intensity, Regenerate takes the listener into a shadowy world not fit for sanity but full of sin, where monsters walk among us and fairy tales are dangerous. From the opening beats of “Release the Kraken” it is clear that BPC is a band that has found it’s voice and make no apology for it. Like a sonic smoking gun “Exterminate” answers the crimes of a twisted society with “string them up hang them high if they kill they have to die.” “Malice in Slumberland” and “Feel” are both beautiful and terrifying indictments of tortured minds gone awry. “Magic” and its beautifully evolving melody showcases the bands diversity. Chaotic and macabre, Bozo Porno Circus continues to push the envelope. It’s time to Regenerate!